Don’t deny yourself something you need just because other people don’t need it

If I could go back in time a few decades and give my past self some info, this would be (some of) it.

  • You need headphones and music in order to survive a trip to the mall with your sanity intact, even though everyone else seems fine without it? Use those headphones. The mall plays crappy music anyway and those stupidly loud announcements are never for you. You’re not missing anything important.
  • You need sunglasses every single time you set foot outside in daylight, even though everyone else seems fine without them? Wear them. Migraines suck, and those eyes are not going to get any less sensitive to light even if you keep subjecting them to it for 30 years. It’ll also stop you from sneezing so much.
  • You need thick gloves and socks and a hot water bottle when you go outside in winter, even though everyone else seems fine without them? Use them, numb hands and feet are no fun. Who cares if you look like an Eskimo? Eskimos are badass.
  • You need to leave social events early, even though everyone else seems to be enjoying themselves and they seem sad to see you go? Leave anyway, they’ll be fine.
  • You need people to communicate with you via email/text rather than phonecalls, even though everyone else seems to prefer phonecalls? Ask them to text/email instead, quite a few actually will. If they disobey you and phone you anyway, then you know who doesn’t deserve your future business or attention.
  • You need to take some detours while driving in order to avoid high traffic areas, even though everyone else seems to be able to handle it? Take those detours, and plan for a longer travel time. Take in the scenery and enjoy the journey.
  • The reason so many people stare at you is not because you’re a freak, or doing something wrong – it’s because you shine like a bright light in the darkness, and their eyes are attracted to you like moths to a bulb.

You don’t need anyone’s approval to take care of your own needs.

Be ridiculously kind to yourself.

Oh, and buy lots of Bitcoin.

I posted this on Reddit here a while ago. Figured I’d keep it on my blog too. There are also some interesting comments on the original Reddit post.

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