Interesting dream about good vs bad

I was a superhero, with a whole group of other superheroes. We had this hideout area, and inside it were 2 bathrooms. One labeled “Good Bathroom” and the other “Bad Bathroom”. When I went into Good Bathroom, I was dressed kind of like Arrow, with a good guy sort of vibe. When I went in Bad Bathroom, my outfit was more red, and I looked like a villian. I still had the same face and everything else underneath, only the outfit changed. Whichever bathroom I was in last was the outfit I kept. I thought the bad guy outfit looked really cool, but I felt like doing good guy deeds at the time, so I went back into Good Bathroom to switch to good mode before heading out on an adventure with some other people.

It seems that all of us superheroes could switch between good guy and bad guy at will, just by changing in the bathrooms.

Dream interpretation: everyone can be a hero and a villian at the same time. I could be a hero in one person’s life, and a villian in someone else’s at the same time. It all depends on their perspective.

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